History of Curriculum

By jhinton
  • May 11, 1529

    Martin Luther's Small Catachism: Table of Duties

    Schooling was to provide moral and civic virtues
  • May 11, 1550

    John Calvin curriculum vitae

    Children were offered the course of life that would prepare them for moral behavior.
  • Puritans "Converting Ordinances"

    Basis for curriculum and pedgogy of Progresiveism
  • Colonization of America

  • American Revolution

    Manifest destiny broke curriculum from religious basis to individual
  • American Civil War

  • American Technological Sublime

    Focus on engineering (sky skrapers, bridges, etc)
  • The Commitee of Ten

    Established elementary and secondary as 8 and 4 years.
  • Frederick Jackson Turner "The Signifigance of the Frontier in American History"

    Focus on the Frontier
  • John Dewey "The School and Social Progress"

  • Ability Tracking introduced

  • Bobbit "Theory of Curriculum"

  • Ralph Tyler "Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction"

  • Benjamin Bloom "Bloom's Taxonomy"

  • The Cold War

  • A Nation At Risk

  • IDEA

  • NCLB