History of Computers

  • Charles Babbage

    First automatic calculator
    Analytical engine
  • Herman Hollerith

    Tabulated Machine
    U.S. Cencus Bureau
  • Z1 Computer

    Created by Konrad Zuse.
    Mechanical calculator
    Inculded control unit and separate memory
  • Eniac

    First successful high speed elcontrionc digital computer.
    used 1800 vaccum tubes and was 1800 sq ft
  • 1st Generation Computers

    Vaccum tubes to store data
  • 2nd Generation computers

    Uses transistors to store data.
  • Univac

    Universal Automative Computer
    First computer to operate on magnetic tape
    Considered to be 1st generation.
    Never Sold
  • Jack Kilby

    Created intergrated circuits.
    enabled computers to become smaller and lighter.
    3rd Generation
  • 3rd Generation Computers

    Used intergrated circuits

    Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
    Key language for PC
    Created Microsoft
  • 4th Generation Computers

    Microprocessors chips
  • Introduction of the GUI

    Graphical User Interface.
    Easier interaction.
    Not invented by computer people.
    Apple used it first.
  • Altair

    First personal computer
    No keyboard or monitor
  • Steve Jobs

    Created Apple
  • Apple 2

    Included color monitor, sound, game, and own storage.
  • Visicalc

    1st Elctronic spreedsheet application
  • WordStar`

    1st Word processing application
  • Bill Gates

    Developed MS-DOS
  • Osborne Computer

    First portable computer
    24.5 lbs
  • PageMaker

    1st Desktop publishing software
  • Excel

    1st Spreedsheets to tuse graphical user interface.
  • Mosaic

    Increased internet traffic by 350%
  • Netscape

    Wed browser
    Became free in 1998