History of Computers

By MyanaB
  • First Programmable Computer

    First Programmable Computer
    The first programmable computer was made in the year 1936.
    The inventor was Konrad Zuse.
  • First Electronic Computer

    First Electronic Computer
    The first electronic computer was made this year.
    the inventors were Clifford Berry and John Atansoff.
    At Iowa University.
  • The Mark1

    The Mark1
    The first MARK computer was made this year by Grace Hopper and Howard Aiken at Harvard University.
  • First Commercial Computer

    First Commercial Computer
    First commercial compter and able to pick presidential winners.
    John Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly
  • SpaceWar!

    The first computer game that was created was Spacewar.
    Created by Steve Russell and MIT.
  • The Mouse

    The Mouse
    The mouse was created by Douglas Engelbart
  • The original internet

    The original internet
    The original internet was created by ARPA
  • Networking

    tHE ethernet was created by Rokert Metcalfe & Xerox
  • First Consumer Computer

    First Consumer Computer
  • Word Proccessor

    Word Proccessor
    Created vy Seymour Rubenstein & Rob Barnaby.
  • First Home Computer

    First Home Computer
    Was created by IBM.
  • Company War!

    Company War!
    Microsoft begins the friendly war with Apple.
  • Language!

    The P programming language starts development.

    Young Filipino students release the ILOVEU email virus causing $10 billion dollars in damage.
  • Gettin Paper

    Gettin Paper
    The site egghead.com announces 12/22/2000 the site was hacked and credit cards were exposed.
  • Ipod

    Apple introduces the Ipod.
  • Wiki!

    The domain wikipedia.org comes online January 13,2001
  • 26,000,000

    Napster reaches over 26 million users Feb.2001
  • Xbox

    Microsoft releases the Xbox game console.
  • "Goner"

    The "Goner" virus was first discovered December 4,2001.
  • 1,000,000,000

    Approximately 1 billion PC's have been shipped.
  • Anna Kournika Virus

    Anna Kournika Virus
    Jan de Wika aka ONTHEFLY was convicted May 1,2002.
    For the Anna Kournikova Virus.
  • 360

    sony releases the xbox 360
  • WII

    Nintendo releases the WII.
  • Sony releases the Playstation 3

    Sony releases the Playstation 3
    Sony releases the playsttaion 3
  • Man vs. Computer

    Man vs. Computer
    Watson IBM Super computer beats the two best Jeporady players in a three day event.