History of computers

History Of Computers

  • Napier's Rods

    Napier's Rods
    Invented by a scottish man named John Napier. The main purpose of the device was to help people perfrom multiplication
  • Pascal's Adding Machine

    Pascal's Adding Machine
    Created by Blaise Pascal. It was the first mechanical adding machine.
  • Leibniz Calculator

    Leibniz Calculator
    Pefected by Gottfried Leibniz. It could do more than add and subtract, it multiplied, divided, and could find the square root of numbers. It was mechanical and worked by hand but a crank was added to speed up work
  • Slide Rule

    Slide Rule
    The slide rule was a manual device used for calculation. It was in a simple form of a ruler with a moveable middle piece
  • Weaving Machine

    Weaving Machine
    A frenchman by the name of Joesph Marie Jacquard created a way to help weaving machines create patterns on cloth. The used cards with hles punched in them
  • The Difference Engine

    The Difference Engine
    Invented by Charles Babbage. The engine used cards with holes punched in them to power their gears, and used steam to run
  • Analytic Engine

    Analytic Engine
    Also created by Charles babbage. It was a steam powered engine and was one of two engines created. The idea was to have them guide the machine with cards with holes punched in them
  • Z1 Computer

    Z1 Computer
    first freely programable computer
  • Atanasoff Berry Computer

    Atanasoff Berry Computer
    It was built by Prof. John V. Atanasoff and a graduate student named Clifford Berry. It weighed 750 lbs and had a memory storage of 3,000 bits
  • Colossus

    A vacuum tube computing device that broke Hitler
    s codes during WWII
  • Harvard Mark I computer

    Harvard Mark I computer
    the harvard mark 1 computer was created by John Eckert and John Mauchly

    The worlds first electronic large scale general purpose computer. It was built by Mauchly and Eckert. It was activated at University of Pennsylvania in 1946

    The first commercially successful computer
  • Vacuum Tube Based Technology

    Vacuum Tube Based Technology
    Vacuum tubes are electronic devices that are made of glass or steel vacuum envelope. First commercial computers used vacuum tubes
  • IBM 1620

    IBM 1620
  • Transistor Based Technology

    Transistor Based Technology
    The transistor was invented in 1948. It almost completely replaced the vacuum tube. It costed less, weighed less, and gaveused less power than the vacuum tube.
  • The internet (ARPAnet)

    The internet (ARPAnet)
    the internet began as a military network
  • Integrated Circuits Based Technology

    Integrated Circuits Based Technology
    The first integrated circuit was demonstrated by Jack Kilby in 1958. "It was 7/16'' wide and contained two transistors.
  • CRAY 1

    CRAY 1
    The worlds first electronic figital computer
  • Apples/ MACs

    Apples/ MACs
    The apple was designed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Apple was the first to have a "windows" type graphical interface and computer mouse.
  • Large Scale Integration

    Large Scale Integration
    Early work station with mouse
  • The age of networked computing, Internet and the WWW

    The age of networked computing, Internet and the WWW
  • Hyper Text System

    Hyper Text System
    Tim Berners-Lee created the hypertext system called the world wide web
  • Windows 3.1

    Windows 3.1
    Bill gates' microsoft copr. released windows 3.1 . The program made IBM and IBM- compatible PC's more user friendly by integrating graphical user interface into the software
  • Large internet service providers

    Large internet service providers
    Such as MCI, Sprint, AOL and UUNET began offering service to a large amount of customers
  • Personal Digital Assistants

    Personal Digital Assistants
    Such as the Palm pilot became available to customers. The could do numeric calculations, plays games, music and download information from the internet
  • Iphone

    The first apple iphone is released
  • Iphone 3g

    Iphone 3g
  • Iphone 3gs

    Iphone 3gs
    Updated version of the apple iphone
  • iphone 4

    iphone 4
  • Iphone 4s

    Iphone 4s
    updated version of the apple iphone
  • Iphone 5

    Iphone 5
    The updated version of the iphone is released
  • Abacus

    It was created by the Chinese, People used it to keep track of numbers. It was thought to be the first calculaotor