History of computers

  • First freely programmable computer

    First freely programmable computer
    First freely programed computer In 1936 Z1 computer was the First freely programmable computer was made by Komrad Zuse
  • First computer to advertising

    First computer to advertising
    First computer to advertise commercial & able to pick presidential winners.
  • Computer Programming Language

    In 1954 FORTRAN Computer Programming Language was created by John Backus & IBM.
  • VARY FIRST computer game!

    fist computer gamesIn 1962 Spacewar Computer Game came out invented by Steve Russell & MIT
    it was the VARY FIRST computer game!
  • Computer Mouse & Windows

    fist computer mouseIn 1964 Computer Mouse & Windows was invented by Douglas Engelbart it also was nicknamed the mouse because the tail came out the end
  • original internet

    the orignioal internetIn 1969 ARPAnet changed the world being the original internet and setting the foundation for the internet generation
  • PC - Home Computer

    In 1981 The IBM PC - Home Computer where introduced by IBM, also MS-DOS Computer Operating System came out the same year produced by Microsoft and comes the operating system of the century.
  • Micosoft VS Apple

    Micosoft VS Apple
    In 1985 Microsoft Windows was released and its completion with apple.