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History of Audio

  • Tinfoil Cylinder Phonograph

    Tinfoil Cylinder Phonograph
    Thomas Edison’s tinfoil cylinder phonograph, which made the first recording of the human voice
  • Gramophone

    Berliner’s gramophone became especially marketable through the invention of the spring motor record player, as first used by Eldridge Johnson in a hand-cranked motorized gramophone
  • Vinyl Record

    Vinyl Record
  • Recording Tape

    Recording Tape
    3M introduced a “plastic-based recording tape with a magnetic oxide coating”
  • Audio Cassette Tape

    Audio Cassette Tape
    Phillips introduced the audio cassette tape format that eventually became popular among home audio enthusiasts
  • Audio Recording Devices

    Audio Recording Devices
    Sony developed the first digital audio recording devices to be used by professional studios.
  • Compact Disc

    Compact Disc
  • Digital Compact Casette

    Digital Compact Casette
  • iPod

  • Payaway