History Of Antarctica John

By ybps6m
  • Finding of Antarctica

    Captain James Cook sailed to the Arctic Circle and did not find any land.
  • Unclaimed Sighting of Antarctica

    Captain Thaddeus Bellingshausen a Russian naval officer first sighted the continent .
  • Claiming for United Kingdom

    Edward Bransfield discovered Antarctica and claimed it for the UK
  • The French Landing

    The first landing of the French
  • Claming Antartica As A Continent

    The British and the French claim Antarctica as a continent.
  • The British in Antarctica

    The British established there first base at Ross Island by Ross Scott.
  • Reaching the South Magnetic Pole

    One of Ernest Shackleton's polar exploration teams reached the Magnetic South Pole.
  • Douglas Mawson being a Leader

    Douglas Mawson led the Australian Antarctic expedition
  • The Travel to Georgia Island

    Sir Ernest Shackleton left South Georgia Island on the HMS Endurance in the Weddell Sea in Antarctica.
  • The Crossing of the Antarctic Cirle.

    The Endurance crosses the Antarctic Circle.
  • The Photo Of The Endurance Trapped

    The photographer Frank Hurley took the photo of the Endurance trapped in the ice.
  • The Temperature that the Endurance was Trapped

    The Endurance trapped in -70 to -80 degrees.
  • First Official Sighting of Antarctica

    First sighting of Antarctic continent (Coats Land).
  • Travel to Elephant Island

    Elephant Island appeared on the horizon.
  • The First Fly Across Antarctica

    Lincoln Ellsworth and Herbert Hollick-Kenyon were the first people to fly over Antarctica.
  • The Australian National Antarctic Resarch Created

    Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition was created on Macquarie and Heard Islands.
  • The Special Program Established

    A special research program was set up that allowed scientists from all over the world the opportunity to share their ideas about Antarctica.
  • The Antarctic Treaty

    The Antarctic Treaty was signed by 12 nations.
  • The Australian Antarctic Terrtiory Estabished

    Australian Antarctic Territory was established.
  • Wilkins Ice Shelf

    A 160-square-mile block of ice breaks off from the Wilkins Ice Shelf in Western Antarctica.