History of america

  • Sep 6, 1492

    Sailing to the west indies

    Cristohper columbus sails to the west indies.
  • Roanoke

    Roanoke was a colony for three years while there founder, sir walter ralieghn was in england to get supplies but when he got back his colony,they where was gone. some people say indains killed they and dragged there bodies away, and some say ran off to live with the indians. And there was a marking on a tree but no one knew what it ment.But after that Roanoke was known as ''The lost colony''.
  • Moving

    Many english settlers moved to north america.
  • Moving to Jamestown

    The english settlers moves to jamestown.
  • War

    War between english and pequot indians.
  • Rhode Island

    Roger Willams sets up a colony.
  • Reliogion

    Puratains who settled in new england wanted to to serve their god.
  • The trade triangle

    Also known as the slave trade it started in america went to euorope then to africa then to west indies then back to america. This lasted to the 1900's.
  • Thirteen Colonies

    The Thirteen Colonies were english, dutch, swedish, and later britsh.
  • Sighing the decloration of independace.

    The decloation of indpendace was sighed