History of Agriculture

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  • Population and Productivity

    Population and Productivity
    Over the years of 1970-1990, farming and agriculture kept multiplying and supplying more and more people with food.
  • Boom of the 1970's

    Boom of the 1970's
    In 1970 farmers developed new pesticides and herbicides. The purpose of them is to keep all sorts of insects to keep off their crops. So many farmers were waiting for prosperity and growth in agriculture and they were hoping it came soon
  • Drought

    The opportunities in early years boosted farmers to grow a lot more crops so they could pay off their debt a little quicker. After a few years Jimmy Carter put a hold on selling American grain and then a drought came through wiping out crops like crazy
  • Global Agriculture

    Global Agriculture
    President Nixon lowered the cost of ag trade of seas therefore more people wanted it imported into their country which helped the farming system to boom. Scientists also made a discover for developing a vaccine to help cure the foot and mouth disease and the swine flu was gone in 1978.
  • Uncertainty of oil

    Uncertainty of oil
    Arab halted their production of oil which made oil rare and way more expensive. People took all the oil fr granted now that have hardly any. Farmers need the oil to run their machinery
  • Energy Crisis

    Energy Crisis
    Arab members refused to ship oil and then the price for oil and petroleum went up drastically. Farmers rely on petroleum to powers their equipment to harvest crops that produce one of the number one ingredients for gasoline
  • Science and diseases

    Science and diseases
    Swine flu wiped out an enormous number of pigs that cost pork producers tens of millions of dollars.Other diseases such a the foot and mouth disease had a big impact on farmers and their stock
  • Farming Crisis

    Farming Crisis
    Farmers became in terrible debt and the couldn't pay it off. The Jimmy Carter stopped the sales of grain in the U.S then there was massive drought which hurt the crop. The president at the time tried to pass a law to in a way help farmers pay off their debt but it made it much more difficult.
  • Tractor innovation

    Tractor innovation
    Tractors have changed so greatly over the years and significantly helped farmers in producing of crops. Without tractors we would be out working in the fields 24/7, 7 days a week.
  • "Smart" farms

    "Smart" farms
    Farmers needed to start using computers and technology to help with the advancement of their crops
  • Economic boom

    Economic boom
    Stock market started rapidly growing it was helped out by the technologies and etc.
  • Exports of Agriculture products

    Exports of Agriculture products
    Because of the recovery of the Asian financial crisis the exports for agricultural products came back up again