History Of Advertisements

By r4y
  • First Newspaper

    In 1704, the first newspaper was published ad was published. The advertisement was about a house for sale in the Boston Newsletter.
  • Advertising Tradition

    In 1729, Benjamin Franklin began the advertising tradition in America. The Philadelphia Gazette had just one full page of advertisements.
  • New York Sun

    The first successful “penny newspaper” founded by Benjamin Day.
  • First Advertising Agency

    The first Advertising Agency opened in 1843. This opened in Philadelphia his name was Volney Palmer and was the first true ad agency man.
  • Advertising Agents

    In 1873, there was a convention of advertising agents in New York. This became the beginning of creative advertising in America.
  • First Full-Time Retail Advertising Copywriter

    In 1880, department store founder John Wanamaker became the first retailer to hire a full-time advertising copywriter, John E. Powers who is considered the father of modern creative advertising.
  • The First Big Budget

    In 1882, the first “big budget” client spent $11,000 on advertisements. This company’s main product was soap.
  • The First Registered Trademark

    In 1893, a cola company got the first registered trademark. The company was Coca Cola.
  • Business Getting

    This department was based on the marketing needs of their clients. Marketing in America now had a name. “Business Getting” was what it was all about.
  • First Million Dollar Advertising Client

    The million dollar barrier to promote there cereal products were Kellogs!
  • Billboards

    In 1916, outdoor billboard ads were mostly under the control of a group of representatives from many different agencies that formed a new entity.
  • The First Sponsored Radio Show

    The first sponsored radio show was AT&T in 1923.
  • Stock Market Crashes

    Advertising revenue plummeted from a high of $3.5 billion. The stock market crashed because of the low wages and the proliferation of debt.
  • The Magazine

    In 1936 a magazine published over $100 million dollars in ads. It was the most financially successful magazine the country had ever seen, primarily due to ad revenues. The name of the Magazine was "Life Magazine".
  • Television's First Broadcast Ad

    It was an ad for a watch that ticked for 60 seconds. 7500 televisions in New York were tuned in to see it.
  • Television Makes History

    Color came into the picture, and the world was set on its ear. Everyone had to have a color television.
  • Mary Wells

    In 1967, Mary Wells became the first woman to head a major advertising agency. In the heat of the Women’s Movement, we saw the impact of women having a great deal of influence on the direction advertising was taking in America.
  • Congress Banned Cigarettes

    In 1971, Congress banned cigarette advertising via broadcast media. Cigarette companies felt the bruises from the advertising restraint and re-channeled all of their ads into magazines and billboards.
  • Music TV

    A new, frenetically paced style of television advertising tried to emulate the music videos that young people were coming to expect.
  • Changes to Advertisements

    In, 1993 brings the Internet to over 5 million people worldwide and changes the way ads are delivered yet again. Ads pop up, pop under, and become a general nuisance to most computer users.
  • Regulating Internet Advertisement

    The company named "Procter and Gamble" moved to standardize all internet advertising. This occurred as billings for internet advertising neared the $3 billion mark.