History of Abortion

  • Mostly Ilegal?

    The American Medical Association only allows abortion to protect mother or child.
  • All Ilegal!

    All states in the United States ban abortion and has adoption laws.
  • Abortion ilegal because of cruel procedures.

    At the beginning of the 19th century abortion was dangerous and outlawed so they were protecting women from danger. It was also said that they outlawed abortions to get rid of midwives so male doctors could have more control.
  • Cause for abortion being ilegal

    About a million illegal abortions were performed this year and over a thousand women died as a result. Some of them die from abdominal infections.
  • Womens' rights!

    Women started fighting for their rights to have abortions because of the antiwar movements and civil rights. They got in front of strangers and had rallies. Reform came little by little.
  • Legalization

    Roe vs. Wade, decides its against the 14th amendment to not let a women have an abortion at least for the first trimester because its too dangerous for women to have an abortion after that.
  • Hyde Amendment

    They banned Medicaid funding for abortion unless the woman's life was in danger.
  • Laws

    32 states made it ilegal for teenagers to have abortion unless with parents permission