history in the united states

By lwest
  • 250

    mayans in mesoamerica

    the mayans had a huge civilization in mesoamerica. the mayans were the first to have an advanced form of writing.
  • 400

    pacific northwest

    civilizations in the pacific northwest are the tlingit, haida, tsimshian, kwakiutl,and the nootka.some created totem poles and they built some of there civilizations near shores
  • Oct 12, 1492

    christopher columbus

    he traveled west looking for the indies and landed someplace else.he created the first spanish colony at hispaniola.
  • Nov 28, 1524

    northwest passage

    Giovanni daverrazano discovered the northwest passage.he wanted to find a quicker route.
  • the land improves

    captain John Smith became the leader of jamestown.he was a strong military man.
  • laws of the colonies

    Great Britain passed the navigation acts. it was used to regulate trade in the colonies.
  • english settlements

    english nobles asked for a charter from the king . they wanted to settle in north carolina.
  • the indians attack

    the proclamation of 1763 was passed.it did not allow settlers to be on the land.
  • help from the minister

    William Pit is the prime minister and the secretary of state.he sent troops and supplies to Britain.
  • colonists fight

    the boston massacre was started when the British shot at the colonists. the colonists were throwing stones at the British.
  • congress agrees

    Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. congress approved the declaration of independence
  • information

    Nathan Hale was a teacher who helped the seige at New York. he was sent to get information for George Washington and was caught.
  • farmers

    Shays rebellion was formed and they closed court houses. they were angry about the high taxes.
  • congress signs

    the constitution was signed by the delegates.the states had to decide if it was good.