History in My Lifetime

  • I was born

    I was a premy baby. I was supose to be born in December. I was born at Duke Hospital.
  • Period: to

    11/20/1996 - 5/30/2011 Lifetime

  • Ice storm

    A ice strom hits the U.S. in Florida. This ice storm killed 26 people. Most were injured. The winds were at 90 mph.
  • My first Birthday party

    My first birthday party. I had a party at home and at my daycare.
  • Peace in Northhern Ireland

    There is peace in Northern Ireland. An agreement was made and brought a final peace in Ireland.
  • My Grandaddy's Wedding

    I was the flower in my grandaddy's wedding. This was the first wedding I was ever in.
  • Hurricane Floyd

    Hurricane Floyd comes to N.C. This missed the Eastern part of the state.
  • USS Cole Bombing

    USS Cole Bombing was an attact against the U.S. Navy Destrover. 17 soldiers were killed
  • Joined the Cheerleading Swad

    I joined the rec cheerleading swadd. My cheerleading swadd was called the Franklinton Lions.
  • Started Kindergarden

    Started kindergarden a Riverside Elementary School in Louisburg. My teacher's name was Ms. Williams.
  • Started playing rec softball

    I started playing rec. softball for youngsville parks & rec.
  • Bush was elected

    U.S. presidential election. President George W. Bush was elected and defeated the Democratic party.
  • Switched schools

    I switched schools. I switched from Riverside Elementary Magnet School to Youngsville Elementary School. The reason why I moved is because Riverside closed down.
  • Uncle Trey died

    My uncle Trey died. He was 16 when he died in a car crash on Cedar Creek Road.
  • Obama was elected

    U.S. presidential election. President Barack Obama was elected as the first black president.
  • Started playing rec. volleyball

    I started palying rec. volleyball for the first time at youngsville parks & rec.
  • Micheal Jackson died

    Micheal Joseph Jackson dies. He was a famous singer, dancer, song-writer, musician and philantronpist.
  • Started playing travel softball

    I started playing travel softball. My first team I played with was the Wake Forest Rockers.
  • Me and Rondez started dating

    Me and Rondez started dating.
  • Bush proposes new tax cuts

    President Bush proposes new tax cuts. He did this to stimulate the slumping U.S. economy.
  • More softball tournaments

    I started going to more softball tournaments. The reason why I started going to alot more is because when you get older you play alot more games.
  • Tornado came through South Raleigh

    Tornado came to through South Raleigh destroyed shaw university. They had to end their semester early.
  • Mississippi River bridge collapsed.

    Mississippi river bridge collapsed. It was an 8 lane bridge and it killed 13 people and injuring 145 people.