History GCSE OCR Timeline

  • World War 1 Ends

  • Spartacist Uprising

  • Treaty of Versailles

  • Treaty of Saint Germain (Austria)

  • Hitler joins the German Worker's Party (later Nazi)

  • Treaty of Neuilly (Bulgaria)

  • Vilna Dispute

    Poland gets the land of Lithuania. FAILURE.
  • First League of Nations Meeting

  • Kapp Putsch

  • Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi party

    It is renamed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi Party)
  • Treaty of Trianon (Hungary)

  • The Elections

    Social Democrats win!
  • Treaty of Sevres (bad Turkey one)

  • Hitler Founds the SA

  • Aaland Island Dispute

    Given to Finland, Swinland accepts. SUCCESS.
  • Upper Silesia Plebiscite

    700,000 vote for German rule.
    480,000 vote for Polish rule.
    The League splits it, giving industrial areas to Poland and the land and majority of population to Germany. SUCCESS.
  • Occupation of the Ruhr

  • Hyperinflation

  • Austro/Hungary Economic Collapse

    League steps in and manages the economy. SUCCESS.
  • Treaty of Lausanne (the good Turkey one)

  • Stresemann becomes Chancellor

  • Corfu Incident

    League of Nation's failure
  • Munich Putsch

    Trigger: In September Stresemann called off passive resistance in Ruhr
  • Hitler's Trial

    Leads to a change in policy- Nazis will now try to win by the ballot.
    In their first election they get 52 seats.
  • The Dawes Plan

    800 m marks loan
  • Hindenburg is elected

  • The Locarno Treaty

  • Nazi Party Relaunch

  • Greco-Bulgarian Dispute

  • The Young Plan

    Finalised on this date, then implimented in 1930.
  • Wall Street Crash

  • The Great Depression

    Weakens the Weimar Republic
  • The Elections

    107 seats won by the Nazis
  • Japanese Invasion of Manchuria

  • Puppet State Set Up By Japan in Manchuria

  • The Elections

    230 seats for the Nazis, making them the biggest single party.
  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor

    3/12/1932 - Von Schleicher becomes chancellor
    4/1/1933 - Von Papen sees chance to regain power (Von Schleicher is not doing well) and privately makes deal with Hitler
    22/1/1933- Hindenburg refuses to make Hitler chancellor
    28/1/1933- Von Schleicher has to resign after his failures
    30/1/1933- Hitler is chancellor
    *Hindenburg thinks that Hitler can be controlled*
  • Reichstag Fire

  • The Elections

    Hitler calls elections
  • The Enabling Act is passed

  • Boycott of Jewish Business

  • Trade Unions are banned

  • Other Parties Banned

  • Stalin (USSR) enter the League

  • Night of the Long Knives

  • Hindenburg Dies

  • Hitler becomes President

  • Conscription to the Army

  • Disabled people must be sterilised

  • Hitler announces Gemany has a new airforce

    A direct breach of the Treaty
  • Jews Forbidden to Join Army

  • Anglo-Naval Agreement- German navy can rearm to 35%

  • Nuremberg Laws Introduced

    • Law for the protection of German Blood and Honour
    • Reich Citizenship law – Jews are now ‘subjects’
  • Italian Invasion of Abyssinia

  • Hitler Youth is made compulsory

  • Germany is Accepted Into the League of Nations

  • Invasion of the Rhineland (Remilitarisation)

  • Berlin Olympics

    There is a 'halt' on Anti-Jewish propaganda
    Germany won the most gold (33)
    US came second with 24 gold, 4 coming from Jesse Owens- a black man...with whom Hitler had to shake hands.
  • Anschluss (Invasion of Austria)

  • Jews have to register their property

    An action making it easier for Germans to take it.
  • Plebiscite in Austria- 99% happy!

  • Jewish Doctors/Dentists/Lawyers cannot have Aryan clients

  • The 4 Powers meet at the Munich Conference

  • The Czechoslovakian Crisis

    Invasion on 1st October 1938
  • Kristallnacht

    Trigger: A Jew killed a German Embassy Official in Paris.
    - Goering and Himmler disapproved of Kristallnacht
    Jewish stores are burned, homes ransacked. 91 Jews are killed. 30,000 men are taken to Concentration camps.
  • Jewish People Fined due to Kristallnacht

    Most Jews rented from Germans, so a 1 billion fine is given to them.
  • Jewish Students, Jewish Schools

  • Jewish Business Confiscated

  • 49 Work Hours a Week

  • Germany Occupies Memel, Lithuania

  • Nazi Soviet Pact

  • Nazi-Soviet Pact is signed

  • Poland invaded

  • World War Two Begins

  • Operation Barbarossa

    Hitler invades the USSR
  • 52 Work Hours A Week

  • The Final Solution

  • The July Bomb Plot

    Operation Valkyrie by Von Stauffenberg is started, but failed. Stauffenberg is killed, along with the others involved.
  • Over 60 work hours a week

  • Hitler is dead

  • End of WW2