History D timeline project

  • Civil disobedience

    Martin Luther King Jr. adopted Ghandi's idea of a non violet protest.
  • Suffrage

    The right to vote.
  • Segregation

    After the civil war, the south adopted jim crow laws which were laws that enacted seperation of blacks and whites and infacilitys in the south.
  • Jim crow Laws

    Racial dance that limited the amount of power that african americans had in the south. It was basically the southern way of keeping african americans as second class citizens.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Was a sepreme court case that constituted segregation under seperate but equal facilities.
  • Period: to

    Malcolm X

    He was a radical, so in order to get freedom, people had to fight for it. He was a leader in the civil rights movement.
  • Period: to

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    He was a activist and a prominate leader in the civil rights movement. He preached peace and lead marches.
  • WWII

    WW2 was between the Allies and the Axis. WW2 was a total war, meaning that the US put all its materials and power towards the war. This left the US economically destoyed. On the plus side it strengthed the women and the abolition movement.
  • Great society

    It was a set of political programs etablished by president Lyndon B. Johnson that worked towards elimininating poverty and racial injustice.
  • Black power

    Slogan that aimed for achieving self-determination for African Americans.It worked towards making african americans feel powerful and capable.
  • Conservatism

    traditionalist or conservatives felt that the american culture was being lost. They tried to preserve the american culture.
  • Brown v Board Of Education

    Allowed schools to not be segregated.
  • Feminism

    Apart of the womens movement. It was the idea that women were just as powerful and capable as men.
  • Affirmative Action

    Provided special opportunities for minority groups.
  • Socio-economics status

    Individuals economic and social status.
  • Upward Mobility

    The uprise of African Americans.