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History class timeline 2017/2018

  • Declaration of Independence!

    Declaration of Independence!
    The Declaration of Independence is the statement made by the Second Continental Congress meeting at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia. Then at war with the Kingdom of Great Britain, regarded themselves as thirteen Colonies
  • Steamboat

  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase
    The Louisiana Purchase was a major event In history. It doubled the size of the nation, pushing people in. This also gave the united states control of the Mississippi River.
  • Train

  • The Lewis and Clark Journey

    The Lewis and Clark Journey
    The Lewis and Clark Journey started with two men, Lewis and Clark. Along the way of the adventure they got help from many native american tribes and one women named Sacajawea. This was the first american expedition to cross the western portion of the United States.
  • The Texas Revolution

    The Texas Revolution
    The Texas Revolution is where the Americans invaded Texas. Then the Americans were getting a little too cocky and the Mexicans began to become aggravated. The Americans and Mexicans went to war, America won the war.
  • Telegraph

  • The Donner Party

    The Donner Party
    The Donner Part was a very serious part of the world history. There was 5 feet of snow and a 60 foot snow drift. The people eventually ran out of resources and food. This is when they went to cannibalism, they would eat other people to survive.
  • The California Gold Rush

    The California Gold Rush
    The California Gold Rush is when a man found gold nuggets and then the word got around to prospectors all around the world. The people began to come over from land and sea to mine for gold.There was $2 billion worth of gold found.This is one of the most significant events that shaped America.
  • When football was created!

    When football was created!
    Football was created a really long ago! Football is a very big and popular sport in the U.S. There can be many players playing on one team, my favorite position is QB. Football is a very big part in a lot of peoples lives.
  • Telephone

  • Electric light bulb

    Electric light bulb
  • Automobile

  • Radio

  • Airplane

  • Ratification of the 18th Amendment

    Ratification of the 18th Amendment
    The 18th Amendment was basically no alcohol all all they prohibited it. Then people were finding ways to get the alcohol and were making a lot of money from it. So they had to change it by some means, no more than .5% of alcohol in the drink.
  • Television

  • The Eagles first game

    The Eagles first game
    When the Eagles first got into the NFL in 1933 they played against the New York Giants. The Eagles are my favorite football team, hopefully they win the Superbowl!
  • Attack of Pearl Harbor

    Attack of Pearl Harbor
    The attack of pearl harbor was a military attack that no one knew about. It was brought on by the Japanese navy against the United States.
  • VCR

  • Apple 2 computer

    Apple 2 computer
  • Atari 2600

    Atari 2600
  • September 11 attacks

    September 11 attacks
    This was a series of 4 coordinated terrorist attacks by an Islamic group.They were located in New York, Arlington County and Stonycreek Township. The New York planes crashed into the twin towers. After all was done between all of the planes there was an estimated amount of deaths of 2996.
  • Karisma's Birthday ;)

    Karisma's Birthday ;)
    The day my parents were blessed with a girl, and the day my brothers were awarded with a bratty sister!