• 1095

    Pope urban the 2nd calles for the crusades

  • 1200

    Commercial revolution

    The europeans made a new society, the economy shifted from farm to trade.
  • 1254

    Marco polo birth

    This year was marco polos birthyear.
  • 1293

    The polos began their journey home

    In this year the polos started their journey home by ship.
  • 1298

    marco polo captained a galley ship in a battle

    Marco polo captained a galley ship in a battle against venice's rival country, Marco was captured as a prisoner of war
  • 1300


    Renaisance was introduced at this time.
  • 1440

    Printing Press

    This was when the printing press was made
  • Scientific Revolution

    The scientific revolution began where people make great strides in science.