History 7

  • 1095

    Pope Urban the II calls for the crusades

  • 1200

    Commercial Revolution

    This was a period of great change in Europe as the economy shifted from farming to trade.
  • 1254

    Marco polo

    Marco Polo, an incredible explorer is born
  • 1293

    Polos begin to head home

    After their long multi-year voyage, the polos, with all of their goods from Asia, begin the long, grueling trip home.
  • 1298

    Marco polo is inspired to write his book

    Marco was in charge of a ship in a battle but was captured. In prison, a writer from the city of Pisa inspired him to write about his travles.
  • 1300


    A period of technological advancements in europe
  • 1440

    Printing Press

    One of the most important technological advancements is made.
  • Scientific revolution

    New world-changing technology is made all around the world, but most notably in Europe