History 7

  • 1095

    Pope Urban II calls for the Crusades

    Pope Urban the II tries to claim back the holy land. This ended up causing a holy war to start. After the holy war, all the merchants began trading and made lots of money. This caused Europe to switch to a trading economy.
  • 1254

    Marco Polo's Birth

    Marco Polo was born into a merchant family in Venice.
  • 1293

    The Polo's Journey Home

    The polo's had just finished traveling through Asia. They were ready to head back with lots of foreign goods. They boarded a boat and made a two-year journey back home.
  • 1298

    Captain Marco Polo

    Marco Polo was in charge of a galley ship during a battle against Venice's rival city, Genoa.
  • 1300

    the Renaissance

    This was the start of ground-breaking inventions
  • 1440

    The invention of the printing press

    Johann Gutenburg invented the revolutionary printing press. His invention used a Chinese technique that macro polo brought back to europe.
  • The scientific revolution

    This was when lots of amazing discoveries were made.