History 7

  • 1095

    Pope Urban II calls for the Crusades

    The Pope called for a series of holy wars to win back the Holy Lands from the Muslims in the East.
  • 1200

    Commercial Revolution

    Europe was once a farming economy but at 1200 AD they shifted to trade and commerce.
  • 1254

    Birth of Marco Polo

    Marco Polo was born in 1254 AD to a family of merchants in Venice, Italy.
  • 1293

    Marco comes home

    In 1293, the Polos began their journey home by ship, returning with ivory, jade, jewels, porcelain, and silk.
  • 1298

    Marco the Captain

    Marco Polo captained a galley-ship in a battle against Venice's rival city, Genoa, and he was captured as a prisoner of war.
  • 1300

    Renaissance starts

  • 1440

    Invention of Printing press

  • Scientific revolution