Events between 1919 - 1939

By Isaaaac
  • Treaty of Versailles Signed

    Treaty of Versailles Signed
    June 28, 1919, Germany signed a treaty of versailles that ends the war and agrees to pay back for the war and it also limits Germany in what they can do.
  • Hitler becomes leader of Nazi's

    Hitler becomes leader of Nazi's
    On July 29 1921 Hitler became the Leader of the Nazi party and began to grow the Nazi party.
  • League of Nations

    League of Nations
    1926, september 8th Germany admitted to the league of nations which is an organisation to help to solve disputes before they turn into wars.
  • Great depression

    Great depression
    Because of the wall street crash in October 24 1929, the great depression happened because over 1,350 banked closed forcing people and business to panic and take all of their money from the bank and ruining the economy
  • Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany
    President paul von Hindenburg declares Hitler the Chancellor of germany in January 30, 1933
  • 1st concentration camp

    1st concentration camp
    March 12th 1933 The first concentration camp was opened at Oranienburg just outside of berlin
  • Hitler becomes Fuhrer

    Hitler becomes Fuhrer
    On august the 19th 1934 Hitler became the Fuhrer of germany after the death of the president, Paul Von Hindenburg
  • Treaty Violated

    Treaty Violated
    March 16, 1935 Hitler violated the treaty of Versailles by introducing military.
  • War on germany

    War on germany
    On september 3, 1939 Britain and France decided to go to war with Germany because of Germany's constant aggression and they tried to stop hitler.
  • Soviet union expelled

    Soviet union expelled
    On December 14, 1939 the Soviet Union got expelled from The league of nations for invading Finland.