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    Maryland,Virginia,North\South Carolina
  • 1123


    New York,Pennsylvania,New Jersey,and Delaware were a part of the middle colonies.The religion was religious freedom
  • 1234

    The United States

    after winning the war the next president got elected.Then the United states got the peace deal with France.
  • 1324


    Massachusetts,New Hampshire,Connecticut,and Rhode Island are a part of the New England colonies.the land uses where whaling, and ship building.
  • 1350

    1350-Black Death

    a deadly disease that killed 1 third of the people in Europe
  • 1445

    1445-Slave trade with western Europe

    the people of Portugal started to wander to Africa the Africans decided to make the people of Portugal became slaves
  • 1480

    1480-Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire took over a lot of places in Europe
  • 1488


    Dias was working for the country of Portugal,they set out sailing south in an attempt to get to the indies via a water route
  • 1492


    Columbus works for Spain,Columbus wanted to get to the Indies,but instead he sailed to North America.
  • 1499


    Vespucci was following columbus.Columbus thought he found the indies.
  • 1507

    1507-Amerigo Vespucci/America

    in 1507 maps where being made of the world now
  • 1513

    1513-Ponce De leon

    he was working for the king of Spain.He was given credit for exploring the Americas
  • 1535


    Cartier was looking for another water route through the Americas.He sailed through the st Lawrence River
  • 1550

    1550-Native impact

    What was the impact of these explorers on the native people?
    Some people were killed through battles and fighting...but most died from the diseases.
  • 1565

    1565-st Augustine

    many settlements were established in the new lands.st Augustine was the first permanent settlement
  • 1585-English Attempt colony at Roanoke

    the English did not want to be left out race to build and expand their countries
  • 1587-Ronoke again

    john white ends up at Ronoke and attemps to build a settlement again
  • 1607-Jamestown

    the first permanent English colony is Jamestown.John Wralf got his hands on tobacco seeds(witch is illegal)Only Spain had the seeds
  • 1609-Hudson

    the Dutch sent an explorer to get a piece of land.His name was Hudson.This is now what we call New York.Holland eventually sold the piece of land
  • 1620-Plymouth

    some puritans got on the mayflower(because they didn't like their king)went to North America to have a better life.Then they met the Natives.Then after a while the first thanksgiving happened.
  • 1681-Pennsylvania

  • 1732-Georgia

  • 1763-Proclamation line

    French was finally defeated.the king forced all colonists to move back out of he line
  • 1764-Sugar Act

    the British taxed the people for molasses because of the seven year war
  • 1765-Stamp Act

    Another tax was added to the colonists for any illegal document.The tax was for dice,newspapers, and playing cards.
  • 1765-Quartering Act

    yet another tax on a place to live for the British troops.
  • 1767-Townshend Act

    more taxes on anything brought in and out of the country that was imported. It included glass,paper,paint,tea,and lead.
  • 1768-British occupy Boston

    Colonists where being asked to pay for the expense. more and more taxes where being imposed on them
  • 1770-Boston Massacre

    Because the continued tension and anger of the colonists towards the soldiers they had a raid
  • 1773-Tea Act

    to help calm the colonists and make them happy. The king of England got rid of all the other taxes to make them happy.
  • 1773-Boston Tea Party

    A bunch of the colonists throw a lot of tea in the ocean.
  • 1774-Continental Congress

    some men group together from all the colonies to Philadelphia to have a meeting
  • 1775-Lexington and Concord

    900 red coats march to concord,then they take weapons from the colonists in concord.
  • 1775-Continental Congress part 2

  • 1775-1781-Revolutionary War

  • 1776-Declaration Of Independence

    after the battle of concord they knew it was going to get worse. So they wrote a letter to the king saying he was an idiot
  • 1787-Constitution of America

    the members of the congress gathered in Philadelphia to make the Constitution
  • 1789-Constitution is Ratified

    Now all the states agree on the Constitution
  • 1789-First Presidential Election

    George Washington was then the first president