• The battle of Ypres

    The battle of Ypres
    Who: Canadians, Germanys, and Britians
    What: So the Canadians could capture ground over Germany, and too win the war.
    Where: Europe, Ypres in Belgium
    When: April 22nd 1915
    How: On april 22nd, 1915, the germans launched aan attack by releasing a deadly new weapon called chlorine gas.
    This was significant to Canadians because when the britians came to battles, the Canadians always tagged along, but now the Canadians are becoming more independent from Britian
  • Treaty of versailles

    Treaty of versailles
    Who: Russia, Canada, Britian,Germany, France, US
    What: The countries in the war signed a treaty of peace. This was too stop world war one, and create peace among the countires, Germany was forced to give up huge amountof infiltry for their military. They could only own so much land, had to admit blame for world war one. also had to get rid of their naval and air force.
    When:Thre treaty of versailles was brought up by ``the big three`` (David Lioyd George of Britian, Clemenceau of france, and woo
  • threaty of versailles

    threaty of versailles
    three`` in1919.
    Where: the treaty of versailles was signed at the vast Versailles palace near, Paris the title being' between germany and the allies.
    Why: The treaty was created to bring peace among all the countires, and to bring germany to their knees
    How: The allies beat germany. So the allies pertty much told germany "either you sign, and lose most of your land, and army, or we come and destroy you. So, germany was forced to sign the treaty of versailles.
    This is one of the most significant
  • Treaty of versailles

    Treaty of versailles
    events of canada because it was that we signed it independantly from Britian. I think that if this event never happened, Canada would still be with an alliance with Britian.
  • The stock market crash

    The stock market crash
    Who: The whole trading industry was effected by the stock market crash. But the main country that it happened in was the US.
    What: The trading industry trashed leaving all the trades worthles in the cash world.
    Where:The United States of America
    When: October 24th, 1929
    Why: There was too many stocks being sold at sure large ammounts. the stock market just collapsed
    How:The markets payments were getting out of control. So the markets crashed due to customers not coming back for the products.
  • The Dieppe Raid

    The Dieppe Raid
    Who: The dieppe raid consisted of the canadians, and the rest of the allied powers.
    What: The Canadians launched a attack on Germany on the northern coast of france.
    Where: On the northern coast of france. In Dieppe
    When: August 19th, 1942
    Why: To take over the frace coast and push forwards more deep into france and make germany surrender.
    How: The Canadians planned a great landing drop position to start the brutial attack.
    This was significantto canada because the canadians did all the work to
  • The Dieppe Raid

    The Dieppe Raid
    make this invasion successful.
  • D-Day

    On June 6 1944. The allies planed to invade France, each of them invades a beach. The Canadian were to invade the Juno beach and take down the germany bunkers.
    This is significant to canada because D-day was tonew of the best performances from canada that the world had ever saw. The preportation for this battle was very enlarged, and took many months to find the best way to invade france.
  • The Atomic Bomb

    The Atomic Bomb
    Who: The atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, and were dropped by the Americans.
    What: The americans dropped two atomic bombs on japan because of the Peral habour Raide. The Japenese surrendered to the Allied powers on september 2nd, which ended the pacific war.
    Where: Japan
    When:June 16th, 1945
    why: The americans dropped the bombs because of the Pearl Harbour Raide.
    How: The atombic bombs where flown over the seas and dropped. It was a suicide mission.
  • The Atomic Bomb

    The Atomic Bomb
    This is significant to canada because when the Japanese surrendered to the allied powers that was not only to america, but to canada and britian also.
  • The New flag

    The New flag
    who: The Canadians
    What: To make our nation different from others
    Where: In canada
    When: 1965 February 15th
    Why: To become independent from the other countires, and to stand out in the world.
    How: By the Canadians asking the queen for permission.
    This was significant to Canda because this is when the turning point was for our country. This was when we became a independent country and didnt have to listen to others.
  • The October Crisis

    The October Crisis
    Who: The prime minster Peirre Trudeau, the FLQ( a quebec separest group)
    When: October 4-december, 1970
    Where: In Montreal, Quebec.
    Why: The FLQ wanted Quebec to speparate from Canada
    What: The october Crisis
    How: The FLQ kidnapped the British trade commissioner, and the imigration of labour, and minister of Quebec
    This is significant to Canada the primeminster used the war measures act. Which gives the government total power over the citizens.
  • Canada and the us become the biggest trading partners

    Canada and USA becomes trading partner. This helps Canada and it economy grow bigger. They are the biggest trading partner in the World.
    this was significant to canada because it helped canadas economy grow bigger, and it really helped the stockmarket between them grow larger.
  • Charter of freedom and rights

    Charter of freedom and rights
    Who: The Canadians
    What: The Candians where asking for the Citizens rights and freedoms to be the same as the parlement.
    Where: At the parlement building in ottawa.
    Why: To make everything fair between the humans.
    How:The Canadians got the Queen to sign the papers stating that the rights and freedoms were not to be restricted upon citizens.
    This was significant to canada because not only did the country get along and was treated fairly the rights and freedoms were agreed too.