• Period: to

    vienam war history

  • start of Korean war

    North Korea invaded south Korea starting the Korean war
  • no opening shot

    vietnam did fire the opening shot us the us gradually got inloved
  • JFK becomes president

    he saw Vietnam as place for America to prove their anti communist resolve
  • numbers of americans rising in Vietnam

    it rad risen from 700 to 16,000 military advisors
  • law passed

    president can now have control of going to war
  • full scale military intervention

    by the end of the year more than 200,000 us troops were in Vietnam
  • mass demonstration

    20,000 people in washington took place in a mass demonstration
  • johnson extricates the us from vietnam

  • numbers falling

    by the end of 1970 there were only 220,000 still in vietnam
  • the paris oeace accords

    called for fighting and all troops to be withdrawn
  • wars cost

    at least 3 million people were killed
  • vietnam favortiving americans

    25% of the population is younger than 15 and were born in the booming cities had a favorable impressions of americans and are familiar with american tv
  • hung ba le

    now 39 his is returning for the first time to the country he had fled with his parents in 1975
  • bill clintion

    lifted the us trade embargo