historty of canada 1914 to present

  • canada joins the war

    wasn't completely independent either. this meant that when britain declared war, canada automatically went to war too.
  • some women win the right to vote

    some women win the right to vote
    In 1916, Manitoba was the first province to pass legislation allowing women to vote in provincial elections. later in 1916, Saskatchewan and Alberta did the same. British Columbia and Ontario followed this emample in 1917.
  • battle of vimy ridge

    first battle that canadain troops had fought together for the first time and many histortians view vimy ridge as a turning point in canada's history as a nation.
  • military service act

    military service act
    the government passed the military service act, which introduced conscription.
  • the famous five

    these women banded together. with the support of women across the country, they launched a drive to win women the right to sit in the canadain senate.
  • The Treaty of Versailles / conscription

    The Treaty of Versailles was the peace settlement signed after World War One had ended in 1918 and in the shadow of the Russian Revolution and other events in Russia. The treaty was signed at the vast Versailles Palace near Paris - hence its title - between Germany and the Allies.
  • 1920Canada joins the League of Nations

    When the Treaty of Versailles went into effect in January 1920, the League entered upon its formal existence, although some preliminary organization had been undertaken by the secretary general by the authorization of a committee of the nations at the Conference. Twenty nine of the Allied powers ratified the Peace Treaties and thus became original members of the League of Nations.
  • canadaun percy williams in the 1928 summer olymipics

    percy williams wins the 100 metre sprint in the 1928 olymipics in Amsterdam, Holland. when Williams also won the 200 metre race.
  • Black tuesday

    Black tuesday was the start of the graet Drpression.
  • Co-operative Commonwealth Federation

    Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, a new political organization in Canada, popularly known as the "C.C.F." It was brought into existence at Calgary, Alberta, on August 1, 1932, when representatives of farm and labour organizations in the four western provinces and Ontario met to discuss plans for the formation of a Dominion-wide Socialist party
  • canada decalares war on Germany

    canada couldn't stand around and watch germany try to take over the world.
  • Interning Japanese Canadians

    On january 14, 1942, all mal japanese Canadians between the age of 18 and 45 were round up and shipped to camps in the interior of british columbia.
  • womens royal canadain Navak service

    1942 the womens royal canadain Navak service was created. by 1944 more than 7100 women had signed up.
  • battle of the Atlantic

    1943 the allies were win the battle of the Atlantic.
  • end of ww2

    ww2 come to an end and everyone was happy but germany and japan
  • chinese & south asian

    chinese and south asian people could apply to be canadain citizens. after being in canada for so long.
  • Newfoundland joins canada

    Became a province by only a margin of 6989 votes.
  • NATO

    To protect themseleves from the Soviet military threat, the countries of western Europe and North America fromed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, in 1949.
  • Avro Arrow jet fighter project

    Avro Arrow jet fighter project
    this plane was aheand of its time. would have been been one of the greatest fighter jets in history and canadains made it.

    canada and the U.S. created the North American Air Defence Command, or NORAD, in 1958 to protect there self form the soviet Union that had built long range bombers and rocket powered, long range missile that could hit north America.
  • tommy douglas and health care date

    a landslide election victory gives Saskatchewan's Co-operative Commonwealth Federation the green light to proceed with radical social justice initiatives like publicly funded health care for all. Led by T.C. (Tommy) Douglas, a Baptist minister turned politician, the CCF's slogan is "Humanity First," a comment on the party's belief that the common good should supersede private interests.
    Tommy Douglas, Canada's father of medicare • Tommy Douglas was born in Falkirk, Scotland, on Oct. 20, 1904,
  • the persian Gulf war

    the UN punished Iraq by inposing economic sanctions. countries agreed not to trade with Iraq that prevented medicine and food from reaching iraqs neediest people.
  • the somalia affair

    Nine hundred canadian peace keepers were sent to somalia as part of a un force .some members of the canadian Airborne Regimen committed violent acs against somalia citizens
  • North American Free Trade Agreement

    North American Free Trade Agreement
    Despite public concerns about the free trade areement, prime minister Jean Chretien's Liberal government later signe the north American free trade agreement later. this agreement came in to effect in 1994 and included mexico in the American free trade zone.
  • the world trade Organization

    The WTO is the only international body dealing with the rules of trade between nations.
  • canada recogices same sex marragre

    in 2005, the liberal government of prime minister paul martin made same sex marriage legal across canada. though some people fought this law, it changed the defintion of marriage in canada.