Historical music technology developments

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  • Magnetic tape

    Magnetic tape
    Magnetic tape is a medium for magnetic recording. Its made from a thin magnetisable coating on a long narrow strip of a plastic film developed in Germany. It revolutionised sound recording and reproduction and broadcasting, it also allowed to tape radio so you can listen to it later. The magnetic tape seems to be more recognised with videos than music but it still had a historical presence is the music technology industry. The magnetic tape became obsolete after the 70s
  • Vinyl

    A Vinyl is an analogue sound storage medium in the form of a flat disc that comes in various sizes and has a spiral groove. According to sources it was invented in the 1930s (Reference: Americanhistorynow.org). The vinyl is still used today and some modern day artists sell their music on vinyls however the vinyl was more relevant in the past however it still remains as one of the most iconic and identifiable objects from the music world.
  • Cassette

    The Cassette or Cassette tape is an analog magnetic tape recording format for playbacks and audio recording developed in Belgium. Cassettes have been used in both music and videos, it had a very strong presence in time, cassettes used to be everywhere up until around the early 2000s, the cassette is an icon in pop culture, every family home will probably have one hidden somewhere. Although the cassette isn't widely used anymore it has seen a recent revival through modern day artists.
  • Music videos

    Music videos
    A Music video is a short film that integrates music with imagery used for the promotion of a song or artist. Music videos are highly iconic in the modern day world of music, everyones artist probably has at least 1 video, artists use music videos to promote their music and to tell more a story through imagery. Visual stimulation is an effective way to keep a person watching your content. The first music video was released in 1981 by the Buggles.
  • CD player

    CD player
    The CD player is an electronic device that plays audio compact discs. invented in 1982, CDs are seen in home stereo systems, car audio systems, computers and boomboxes. The CD players usually allows the user to listen to the CD through its built in speakers or through headphones when the user plugs it into the headphone jack or RCA jacks. Id say the most common use of a CD players is in cars in modern times, the CD players has mainly been replaced by bluetooth speakers.
  • Cubase

    Cubase is a digital audio workstation DAW developed by Steinberg for music and MIDI recording, arranging and editing. The first version, it was originally only a MIDI sequencer and ran on the Atari ST computer, it was released in 1989. Cut down versions of Cubase are included with almost all Yamaha audio and MIDI hardware, as well as hardware from other manufacturers. These versions can be upgraded to a more advanced version at a discount.
  • Pro tools

    Pro tools
    Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation developed and released by Avid Technology (formerly Digidesign) for Microsoft Windows and macOS used for music creation and production, sound for picture (sound design, audio post-production and mixing) and, more generally, sound recording, editing and mastering processes.
  • ADAT

    Alesis Digital Audio Tape ADAT is a magnetic tape format used for the recording of 8 digital audio tracks onto the same S-VHS tape used by consumer VCRs.ADAT tapes are still available through some pro-audio retailers with products.Although it is a tape-based format, the term ADAT now refers to its successor, the Alesis ADAT HD24, which features hard disk recording rather than the traditional tape-based ADAT, which in turn is now considered obsolete.
  • Logic

    Logic is a digital audio workshop DAW and MIDI sequencer software application exclusively for the macOS platform. Logic is used widely across the music industry and used by many mainstream artists. Another DAW Apple owns is GarageBand, its basically a simplified version of Logic and its free, pre downloaded on most Apple products such as iPhones and MacBooks, You are able to upgrade from Garage brand to Logic at anytime, it currently costs £199.99 on the App Store. Logic is very easy to use.
  • MP3

    MP3 originally called MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III is a coding format for digital audio. Originally defined as the third audio format of the MPEG-1 standard, it was retained and further extendeddefining additional bit-rates and support for more audio channelsas the third audio format of the subsequent MPEG-2 standard. A third version, known as MPEG 2.5 extended to better support lower bit rates—is commonly implemented, but is not a recognised standard.
  • Limewire

    An p2p application that was founded in 2000, but was then shut down 2010, been shut down by the authorities i.e. The RIAA. It used the gnutella network system and was at one point THE p2p app to use.
    People could download all types of files with Limewire. However, the amount of viruses, rootkits and malware that could be accidentally downloaded with this app was obscene to the point of it being a conduit for malicious software that could potentially ruin you AND your machine.
  • Youtube

    Youtube may just be as of now the most recognisable piece if music technology's history. However Youtube isn't just about music, Youtube virtually covers everything through videos, audios and podcast, YouTube has truly created a culture and is part of our everyday lives, where do you watch videos? Created by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chan. It was then later bought my Google, you know this because of all the Youtube adverts you constantly see.
  • Spotify

    potify (/ˈspɒtɪfaɪ/; Swedish: [ˈspɔ̂tːɪfaj]) is a Swedish music streaming and media services provider that was founded in 2006. It is operated by Spotify AB, which has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 2018 through Luxembourg-domiciled holding company Spotify Technology S.A., itself a constituent of the Russell 1000 Index. Spotify's main headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden, and its corporate headquarters is in New York City, USA.
  • Apple Music

    Apple Music
    Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc. Users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing, curated playlists. The service also includes the Internet radio station Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country, which broadcasts live to over 160 countries 24 hours a day. The service was announced on June 8, 2015, and launched on June 30, 2015 in over 100 countries worldwide.