Historical Events, Susan B. Anotheny

  • Slavery started

    In British and Dutch, people started to capture and use slaves.
  • Slaves In New America

    Slaves are on the new america that the pilgrims.
  • Pilgrims

    Pilgrims started to sail into america.
  • Slaves start to make profit

    Slaves start to sell for $27 dollars a man. While a normal laborer 17 cents pur day.
  • Quacker starts

    The quacker religion started to form in England.
  • Slaves start to Spread

    Slaves start to spread around the 13 colonies.
  • Start of the 13 Colonies

    Britian had found North America and had made the 13 colonies.
  • Won the Revoltionary War

    Anerica won their freedom from Britian,
  • THe Underground Railroad

    The underground railroad started in America, trying to take slaves to Canda.
  • Susan B. Anotheny

    Susan B. Anotheny was born into a quacker family in South Adams, Massachuetts