Historical events in media

By kross98
  • Mar 31, 868

    Diamond Sutra

    The first book to be dated and printed in China in 868 AD although books were printed earlier but there is no telling hw early
  • Mar 31, 1041

    Movable clay

    Movable clay type was also invented in chinia in 1041
  • Mar 31, 1500

    Printing Press

    The printing press was created in the 15th century creating mass media on a very large scale
  • 1900s

    No Tv no radios news paper then had little to no competition with technology
  • radio, TV and video

    in the 1920s the tv, radio, and video were introduced
  • The radio

    The radio was the most common form of media during and after WW2 so that families and friends would know whats going on right then instead of the next day
  • television

    In the 1950s TV was the dominate way to find out information thus leading the radio and printed media to compete against it
  • Satellite communications

    satellite telstar 1 was followed into space by other satellites thus being able to transmit reports from all over the world
  • growth of media in the 80s

    the growrh of media in the 80s was huge involving tvs and cable companies
  • TV stats

    in may 1994 stats show 98% of americans had atleast 1 tv in their home
  • Mass production of technology

    most technolgy spread greatly through the 20th century