Historical Events in Education Timeline

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  • The Cardinal Principles Report of 1918

    The Cardinal Principles Report of 1918
    The Cardinal Principles Report of 1918 shifted the focus of high school education. It recognized the diversity of students which is still a key aspect of education today. As is consistent with today’s high schools, this new vision encouraged broad curriculum covering general education as well as education focused toward the students’ future endeavors. This is influential vision stood the test of time and enabled all students of different paths to be educated in the same school.
  • Brown v Board of Education

    Brown v Board of Education
    Brown v Board of Education legally declared that separate but equal was not equal. This important ruling made waves not only in the educational setting, but for society as a whole. It resulted in the closing of achievement gaps in racially integrated schools and enabled the discussion on racial discrimination to be a continuously addressed topic. It opened the door for equal opportunity in education to be possible where-as prior to the ruling, equal education was not even an option.
  • Public Law 85-926

    Public Law 85-926
    Public Law 85-926 began the movement towards equal access to public education for students with disabilities. This law enabled educators to be trained as special education teachers. Special Educators began the important work of advocating for the rights of students with disabilities to attend public schools with their non-disabled peers. The ideals of this law are still valued and expected in schools today. This ruling opened the door for future protections to be put in place.
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    Elementary and Secondary Education Act
    ESEA is far-reaching act which still has an influence in schools today. The act introduced Head Start and Title 1 programs intended to close the gap experienced by low-income students. These programs are still important in school districts across the country. In addition, the act has evolved into NCLB which continues to provide ESEA funds to districts. Though it is not perfect, it has continued to hold districts accountable and appears to have increased scores and narrowed achievement gaps.
  • Public Law 94-142

    Public Law 94-142
    Public Law 94-142 is an important law protecting the rights of children with disabilities. This law defines requirements essential to guaranteeing these rights. Public Law 94-142 has had a positive and significant impact on the education of students with disabilities throughout the country. Students today are still benefiting from the high expectations and guidelines outlined, amended and clarified in Public Law 94-142. This law is vital to providing meaningful Special Education services.