Historical Events and How They Effect Canada

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    Canada's Trials and Achievenments

  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    This major event is not only important on the world stage, but to Canadians. Because of the lose of millions of dollars, many Canadians lost their jobs, and they ended up with large debts because they had been spending all their money on the new gadgets from the war. This then resulted in the govenment making no money, and people dying because of lack of food, clothing and heating.
  • The Birth of the Quintuplets

    The Birth of the Quintuplets
    5 Girls were born, there had been quintuplets born before but they hadn't lived, because these girls actually lived it gave Canadians and Americans alike hope that mircules could happen
  • On Ottawa Trek

    On Ottawa Trek
    This was a labour strike where men travelled all the way from Vancouver. Their goal was to travel by train all the way to Ottawa to protest the labour problems that Prime Minister Bennett had created. This made Canadians think about why they made Bennett the Prime Minister, so when the next election came along he was elected out of office.
  • Hitler Attacks Poland

    Hitler Attacks Poland
    This was a big deal because Hilter went to the League of Nations just a few days before and asked for some land that used to be Germany's. They said that they would give it to him as long as he didn't attack Poland. But he did, so Canada decided that they were going to take action, this time they didn't go to war because Britian did but because they wanted to.
  • Canada Joined the War

    Canada Joined the War
    This was a major part of Canadian History because this was one of the major reasons that Canada was able to come out the Depression. The beginning of the war created many new jobs which gave people a chance again to make money. For example, munitions factories, the new Air Force Training Base needed to be built, and of course the army need men.
  • The Creation of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

    The Creation of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
    This was a centre that we created to train pilots to be in the air force and fight Germany. There were over 231 sites created and over 360 schools that were formed all throughout Canada. These pilots were a major part in the victory of the war, The creating of this gave many Canadians jobs and different ways to earn money. For example: buildings needed to be built, they needed people to build the planes, they needed people to teach, keep the runway's clean, etc.
  • Canada signs the United Nations Declaration along with 25 other Countries

    Canada signs the United Nations Declaration along with 25 other Countries
    This was very important for Canada because it gave Canada a say in international decisions that were made and an opportunity to make a major change in the world because at that point they were still a small, middle power country and this opened many doors for them.
  • The Battle of Dieppe

    The Battle of Dieppe
    This Battle was a test for a full-scale invasion of Western Europe. But this test didn't go very well. The troops didn't have the proper equipment for the area of land that they were supposed to be attacking. This battle effected Canadians because 90% of the troops that were apart of this attack were Canadian, and during the battle over 1/3 of those troops died. This taught the Canadian battle Commanders that they need to prepare better for battle and scout out the area that they are attacking
  • The Japanese Boomed Pearl Habour

    The Japanese Boomed Pearl Habour
    The Japanese boomed Pearl Habour in an effort is own all of the west coast. The attack made Canadians very wary of all Japanese Canadian Citizens. Many Japanese Citizens were rounded up whether they were Canadian born or not and but into mini concentration camps where they had to live unit the end of the war. After the war the Canadian Government issued an official apology to all Japanese citizens, but BC didn't officially apologize until May 7th/2012
  • Battle of Ortona

    Battle of Ortona
    This was a battle between the Canadian Troops and German Troops, where the Canadians were trying to recapture Ortona, Italy. This battle was especially difficult because since the streets were too small to drive tanks through the Canadian Troops had to walk from house to house and shoot down any of the German Troops. This battle was one of the main battles that helped give Canadian Troops a Reputation of Excellence.