Historias de la esclavitud en el mundo

  • A black slave an army against French soldiers in Haiti

    In 1791 a black slave called Toussaint L` Ouverture led an army of slaves against French soldiers on the island of Haiti
  • Haiti became the first free black country

    But in 1804 Haiti became the first free black country.
  • Britain ended the buying and selling of slaves in 1807

  • A new country was born in West Africa ( Liberia )

  • A slave called Nat Turner led slaves against their white owners.

  • The North and South went to war in 1861 ( USA )

    More than 180,000 black soldiers fought for the North.
  • The North won the war and slavery in the South

  • More than 1,000 blacks were killed by whites in the South.

  • America entered the Second World War.

    Black soldiers fought bravely for their country, but the American army was segregated.
  • A new law said that blacks and whites must go to the same schools.

  • John F.Kennedy became president of the United States

  • Only he 6% of the blacks were registred to vote in the south.

  • More than 250,000 people came to Washington and marched to the Lincoln Memorial

  • President John F.Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas.

  • King died of a shot in the throat caused by a secessionist white.

  • 66% were registered. Now one could stop blacks from voting for their own leaders.

  • A new law named the third Monday in January Martin Luther King Day, a new American holiday.