Clash Royale

  • 21

    new cards and king level

    new cards and king level
    another style of cards with abilities is added and a new level of the king and cards 14, the game revived and is in its best stage
  • initial release date

    initial release date
    that day the game was launched worldwide
  • description

    It is a specific game for mobile phones, it consists of with letters trying to knock down the opponent's towers
  • award winner

    award winner
    In 2017 it won the BAFTA Video Game Award: AMD Audience Award, for being one of the most played games
  • new arena

    new arena
    the game begins to gain popularity, therefore they begin to introduce new things to it
  • new cards

    new cards
    new cards of different characters and abilities enter the game
  • updates

    For all of 2019 the game was one of the most played, full of updates adding cards, chests and arenas
  • world cup

    world cup
    in january 2020 the clash royale world cup was lived in new york, with players from all over the world
  • new seasons

    new seasons
    in 2020 the seasons were added, with different benefits and with themes
  • new pass royale

    new pass royale
    the pass royale is added, which is a paid pass that gives you more benefits and new styles