Hispanic Equality Timeline

  • LULAC Created

    The LULAC was founded.
  • Bracero Program

  • Mendez vs. Westminster

    Sued to intergate the Orange County School system.
  • Orange County Case

  • Delgado vs. Bastrop ISD

  • Little School of the 400

  • Hernandez vs. State of Texas

    First case to reach the nation's highest court.
  • Employment Training Program

  • Panama Canal

    LULAC disscussed Panama Canal situation
  • Lawsuit with INS

    LULAC fileda lawsuit with INS for fraudulent reentry regulation.
  • Period: to

    Hispanic Equaity Timeline

  • Fort Star Telegram

    LULAC was praised by US house speaker Jim Wright.
  • 69th Annual NAtional Convention

    "Hispanic America Rising to the Challenge"
  • 79th Annual National Convention

  • Election Day for LULAC

    Mickie Luna was elected the Vice President of the LULAC.