• DJ Kool Herc

    DJ Kool Herc
    The founder of hip-hop culture. Kool Herc’s words in the dance hall to stimulate the atmosphere were also taken to the streets to add some slang. Later became the predecessor of rap. But with the advancement and complexity of DJ technology, Kool Herc can no longer While playing music while holding a microphone . So he asked his two friends Coke La Rock and Clark Kent to take charge of the rap work (they became the first two MCs in history). It is called "Kool Herc and the Herculoids".
  • Afrika Bambaataa

    Afrika Bambaataa
    He is one of the three founders of hip-hop DJ. In 1973, he developed an organization called The Organization, which will be known as Zulu Nation in the future. The organization is composed of various rappers, B-Boy, graffiti and other people who love Hip-Hop culture. In 1977, under the influence of DJ Kool Herc, Bambaataa also began to hold various parties in the South Bronx, and he became one of the best DJs in the Hip-Hop world.
  • Old School(1978-1984)

    Old School(1978-1984)
    The emphasis is on entertainment, not on the interpretation of society or telling stories of degeneration. During this time, hip-hop culture and costumes were greatly influenced by funk and disco. There were many live bands, and the rap content was all about parties. Rap music was influenced by Jamaican “toasting” .Social Context can influence our lives, that makes Hip-pop come.
  • Melle Mel

    Melle Mel
    Have been performing arts activities since 1978, and in 1982 the first album The Message was released with the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five group. He paid more attention to social issues, especially the impact of the "drug proliferation" under President Reagan at the time on black communities. 1982, Masterpiece: "The Message", " White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) "
  • Rapper’s Delight

    Rapper’s Delight
    In 1979, Ms. Sylvia Robinson, the owner of Sugar Hill Record, heard about rap by accident and decided to release a rap song, so she found three New Jersey singers-Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank and Master Gee to form a composition A group, Sugarhill Gang, recorded and released this song "Rapper's Delight", which was unexpectedly very successful. The release of this song also made Ms. Sylvia Robinson known as the "Mother of Hip Hop".
  • The Message

    The Message
    For the first time, sharp social issues are introduced into rap music. This song exposes the living conditions of the bottom society in urban slums. Since then, old school rap that exposes social issues such as racial discrimination and the gap between rich and poor has become popular. Social problems have affected the lyrics content of the rapper, which is the sociological imagination. This is that personal experience and social structure affect each other.
  • Golden Age(1985-1992)

    Golden Age(1985-1992)
    The music in Golden Age, including production, rap technology, and lyrics content are getting better and better. Even the underworld has played hip-hop, Gangsta Rap. As an underground music, gangster rap is more fierce and violent. Artists continue to make innovative attempts. There are also many outstanding female Rappers. A large number of classic albums emerged during that period. , To achieve a win-win situation for art and commerce.
  • Gangsta Rap

    Gangsta Rap
    In the late 1980s there were a lot of gangs, a lot of cocaine, a lot of people even dealing drugs. In this context, Gangsta Rap arose. This can also be understood as socialization. After getting a lot of attention, Gangsta Rap has gradually become the most commercially viable hip-hop style. It means commercialization is going to prevail, and people and things will be turned into commodities. The major record companies began signing many artists and releasing records.
  • Run-D.M.C

    Their album RaisingHell was a precedent and a pinnacle for combining the rap form with rock and roll. Many artists have since moved in this direction. The members of Run-D.M.C. were from the suburbs, but their clothes and costumes were far ahead of their time, many rappers still dress like them. The gold chain, is their logo, also the logo of rapper. And wear sportswear. This is also an example of culture as a practice, because that's what people think of when it comes to rappers.
  • Rakim

    He redefined flow. Before Rakim defined flow, most rappers would rhyme at the end of a sentence, preferring to rhyme their feet on words of one or two syllables. Rakim considered an important change in the definition of the flow and that is to use the sentence to express the semantics of a complete, before the rapper every word of each line expresses the meaning of a complete, connected and Rakim considered song must listen to understand what he means.
  • Ice-t "6 in the Morning"

    Ice-t "6 in the Morning"
    Became the first Gangsta Rap song on the West Coast. Once this style came out, it became very popular in the United States and the records sold very well. Because the lyrics reflect a large number of existing social problems, and take you to see the world's hidden dark corners.
  • 《Paid in Full》

    《Paid in Full》
    by Eric B. & Rakim .It sold more than a million copies at the time, became a regular on major music magazines' listening lists, and Rolling Stone included the album on its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. These songs are not only excellent rap works in the 1980s, but also become the classic songs in the history of Hip Hop. Eric B. has sampled a lot of music from different genres on this album, which has a great influence on Hip Hop music as a whole. https://youtu.be/E7t8eoA_1jQ
  • 《Straight Outta Compton》

    《Straight Outta Compton》
    Members of N.W.A come from the bottom of society and are often subjected to unfair social treatment. Under the influence of social background, they write anger and personality into the lyrics, as a weapon against the power, and their long-suppressed feelings are finally released. N.W.A released an epoch-making album, which made Westcoast Hip Hop, dominated by Gangsta Rap, rise rapidly at that time.