High Heat

Timeline created by 15420
  • Two Secret Agent arrests Shane's Dad

  • There is a Police Car at Shane's House

  • Shane's dad is in jail for several days and their lawyer is trying to bail him.

  • Shane and his sister doesn't attend the school for few days

  • Shane has a baseball game and no one from his family member attends it.

  • Shane's dad is out of Jail but the investigation is still going on.

  • Shane and his sister goes to school and their father is going to drop them. Everyone looks at them, in class, cafe, and practice.

  • Shane fights with two guys from his baseball team because he thought that they were laughing on him and making fun of him.

  • Shane has a baseball game and his performance was not good.

  • After the game finishes, his coach gives him a ride and asks about what happened and tells him to stay cool

  • Shane's dad is arrested again

  • Shane and his family needs money so they can pay the fine

  • They sold their house for money.

  • Shane moves to a new city with his mom and sister.

  • Shane and his sister started going to new school and started making new friends, Shane also joined baseball.