Higdon2hYperstrand Logistics

Timeline created by hYperstrand
  • hYperstrand Update Website

    ST to complete website changes
  • Announcement Letter Drafted

    Sheryl to provide to Nancy in Word format
  • Higdon Annoucement letter

    Nancy to send letter to data list
  • Chamber & Discover Sycamore

    Sheryl to reach out to Sycamore Chamber and Discover Sycamore to update membership info
  • hYperstrand Announcement Letter

    Sheryl to send business change letter
  • Electrician

    New outlet installed
  • hYperstrand Papers Update

    Christi to update insertion orders etc to reflect hYperstrand logo
  • Higdon Reminder letter to clients

    Nancy to include reminder of business change with statements
  • Statements Mailed

    Nancy to mail statements
  • Higdon Website change

    Direct DNS to hYperstrandmktg.com
  • Official Purchase Date

    Official transfer from Higdon to hYperstrand!
  • hYperstrand Social Media blitz

    Announce business change on all social media sites
  • Move Office

    Sheryl & Nancy to move office from Sycamore to South Elgin
  • Move Printer

    Gordon Flesch to move printer from Sycamore to South Elgin