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Hero's Journey Project Timeline: Bill Clinton

  • Hero Discussion with Father

    Hero Discussion with Father
    I discussed with my dad about people in his generation that he considered a hero. Among them was Jim Lovell, Babe Ruth, and Baden Powell.
  • Hero Discussion with Family

    Hero Discussion with Family
    I talked with my family at dinner about possibilities for my project. Names that were listed include Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and Gerald Ford.
  • Final Decision on Hero

    Final Decision on Hero
    While working in the library, I finally chose my hero. After looking through Mrs. Simmon's Good Reads list, I narrowed down my list even further. I ended up choosing Bill Clinton because of his political achievments in office and strong character. The errors and mistakes he has made in his life I believe, would be a conversation point in my essay and would further justify his human nature. Also, I was interested to learn more about the man that lead our nation during my early life.
  • Purchased Biography

    Purchased Biography
    I had my mom order The Comeback Kid from Amazon.
  • 1st Post Completed

    The real work of the project began. I took a video of my self discussing why and how I chose Bill Clinton as my hero.
  • Book Arrived

    Book Arrived
    The Comeback Kid arrives in the mail. I start reading
  • Period: to

    Reading Biography and Taking Notes

    I am in the process of reading the biography.
  • In Class Interview Discussion

    In Class Interview Discussion
    I discussed with Mrs. Simmons possibilities for my interview. She suggested that I went and talked to Mrs. Harkins and possibly former debate students.
  • 2nd Post Completed

    2nd Post Completed
    I finished the 2nd post covering Heroes in Literature.
  • Interview Discussion with Mother

    I asked my mom if she had an ideas of people I could interview that were into politics. She suggested Mr. Howard, a friend of hers who is on the school board.
  • Set up the Interview

    I called up Mr. Howard, and discussed my project. He said he would be happy to take part in the interview which we set for January 30th.
  • Wrote Interview Questions

    In the afternoon, I emailed Mr. Howard a list of the questions I would be asking, so he could look over them.
  • Tragedy Strikes

    Tragedy Strikes
    My Howard sends me an email saying he is too sick to have the interview. We reschedule for Thursday February 2nd.
  • Interview Scheduled

    I plan on interviewing Mr. Howard this evening.
  • 3rd Post Completed

  • 4th Post Completed

  • Project Due

    At this point I have to turn in an essay about Bill Clinton's heroic Journey.