Hero Project

  • Started 1st blog post

    Started rough draft and edited paper that I was going to turn in for my first blog post. Turned into posterous.
  • Kristi Quillen

    We watched Mrs. Simmons interview a Peace Corps volunteer who used to work for Cinco Ranch.
  • I chose my hero.

    My hero for my project is Eleanor Roosevelt. I also started researching abd found my book.
  • I looked for my 2 articles on Gale Group.

    And I went on OwlPurdue and read about MLA electronic sources.
  • Start 1st blog

    Begin writing and brain storming about the first blog post that is due on Thursday.
  • In Class Powerpoint

    Arranged heroes into grous and named the personality traits that associated with the hero.
  • Arrangement of different heroes

    Created a list of heroes and split them up into different catergories. Such as politcal, visonaries, artist, religious, compassionate/volunteers, and role models.
  • In Class Powerpoint 2

    Watched inspiring videos and analysis them by finding the message and tone in each.
  • Finish and turn in 1st blog

    Edit rough draft of first blog and sumbit to posterous.
  • Hero Videos

    Watched different hero videos and analysis them with a group.
  • Technology help

    Listened to Mrs. Wade when she describes what we need to do to get audio for our interview.
  • Started Second Blog Post

    Started rough draft of Second blog post. I also answered questions that was on posterous.
  • Paragraph in biography

    Looked for a good paragraph to present to the class. A passage that I thought was interesting in the Volume 1 book of Eleanor Roosevelt. I also typed up it up into Word.
  • Presented Passage in my Biography

    I presented my passage in class from my book that I borrowed Volume 1 Eleanor Roosevelt. I also turned in a hard copy.
  • Logged stuff into Timetoast

    Logged some of the events in that I haven't into Timetoast.com.
  • Found biography

    I found my biography for the Hero Project it is the Volume 1 of Eleanor Roosvelt.
  • Subway Hero

    Watched the subway hero interview that featured Audrey Westrey on Letterman. And talked about how he is not a sterotypical hero.