Hero Project

  • Roy Benavidez' Story

    Roy Benavidez' Story
    We heard the story of the brave American soldier Roy Benavidez and it helped us think about what a hero is. It got me thinking a hero can help people or be an inspirtion to people.
  • Interview with Kristi Quillen

    Interview with Kristi Quillen
    Watched the English teachers interview Kristi about life with voulenteering. It made me realize a hero doesnt need to be saving lives.
  • Chose John Lennon

    Chose John Lennon
    Decided on him because he's my idol and he has inspired milions with music and activism.
  • Checked out Come Together

    Checked out Come Together
    Found a Biography about John Lennon written by Jon Weiner, filled with a lot of information. Hopefully it will teach me why he is a hero.
  • Chalk - Talk

    Chalk - Talk
    Used a powerpoint to Talk about what makes a hero and who is a hero in litterature. It made me think about all the "heroic" characters in books and why they are caled heroes.
  • Videos

    Watched Videos about changing the world by acts of kindess which makes you a hero.
  • First Blog

    First Blog
    Wrote the first blog explaining why I had chosen John Lennon as my hero and why i think he is a hero.
  • Mrs. Wadr Tech Help

    Mrs. Wadr Tech Help
    Mrs. Wade came to class to explain how Posterous and Time Toast worked. Many people needed the help.
  • Second Blog

    Second Blog
    The second blog was fun because i got to re-visit my childhood hero and my thoughts of what a hero is, and re-think why I grew to think that.
  • Chapter Sharing

    Chapter Sharing
    I got to share a chapter from Come Together to the class so they were a bit familiar with who my hero is. I also got to hear some interesting things.
  • Finished Come Together

    Finished Come Together
    I finished reading the story of john lennon. It made me think of him as more of a hero because i saw what he stood for even more.