Hero Journey Timetoast

  • Period: to

    Hero Journey Project

  • Free Write and Subway Hero

    Free Write and Subway Hero
    Wrote our own definition of a hero. Looked at a New York citizen who saved someone from a subway
  • First Chapter Friday

    First Chapter Friday
    Read a chapter out of a book about Roy Benevides who saved 9 lives and nearly got himself killed during a war.
  • Interview: Kristi Quillen

    Interview: Kristi Quillen
    Listened to a recorded interview. Learned why Kristi decided to join the peace corps. Which forced her to give up everything to help those of a small country.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
    Read a packet to determine the author or the heroes of their novels are the true heroes. Also learned that the heroes in literature may hsave some influence in society.
  • Library for Hero Project

    Library for Hero Project
    Searched for a passage on my hero Louis Armstrong. Learned many new interesting facts about his life story.
  • Change the World Powerpoint

    Change the World Powerpoint
    Took notes and discussed in groups the relation of the meaning of song lyrics to the situation with today's society.
  • Change the World Power Point Day 2

    Change the World Power Point Day 2
    Saw multiple videos and thouroughly digested the analysis of them. Learned what a pallindrome poem is.
  • How I Chose my Subject Blog Post

    How I Chose my Subject Blog Post
    Wrote an informal blog post about the process in which we went through to decide who to research for our Hero Journey Project.
  • Heroes in Literatue Blog Post

    Heroes in Literatue Blog Post
    Wrote another blog post about the influence of heroes in literaure on our lives. Also discussed lessons learned from many different heroes.
  • First Chapter Friday

    Read an interesting passage form our biographies about our hero. Also learned interesting facts about other people's heroes.