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  • The Introduction to the Hero Project

    The Introduction to the Hero Project
    The teachers and students had been talking about a hero project coming up, and I had a few ideas, but nobody in particular on who my hero would be. It was something that I was looking forward to.
  • I Can't Decide on a Hero

    I Can't Decide on a Hero
    Many heros have been passing through my mind, but I wasn't sure which one I would pick. I had been hoping to do Gandhi, but his name wasn't available because of his religeous influences and ideas. I began looking at scientis like Michio Kaku, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.
  • I Pick Albert Einstein

    I Pick Albert Einstein
    His Biography After much thought between many scientists that had all benifited society, I realized the best one to go with would be Albert Einstein. He was by far the most famous of all scientists and had contributed many things to humans.
  • Trip to the Library

    Trip to the Library
    This day, I was able to go to the librarary and pick a book about Albert Einstein. It was very interesting when I began reading to learn so much of his personal life. He was a very interesting individual, and I realized learning about his life and what he did would be much more intersting then I thought.
  • I Learn Some Interesting Things While Reading

    While reading about Albert Einstein, I discovered some interesting things about him that made him even more inspiring. Albert not only made contributions in science, but also made many advances to humans in the Zionist movements. He also had a very interesting childhood, because the way he learned things was so different then that of other children.
  • First Paragraph about my Hero

    First Paragraph about my Hero
    Hero Paragraph So this was the first assignment I needed to do with my hero. I discussed why I believed Albert Einstein was a good hero, and why I picked him as my hero for my hero project. I enjoyed writing about why I picked my hero and why I was so interested in him.
  • I Write a Short Essay Saying What a Hero Means to me

    I Write a Short Essay Saying What a Hero Means to me
    The Essay I was very confsed on what my idea of a hero was at this time, and after being shown many tyoes of heros in English, I realized my view of a hero had drastically changed. When I wrote the essay, I tried to look for things that I believed were in a true hero, and one of the main thoughts of that was self sacrifice. Giving something as simple as ones own time to ones own life could lead to someone being a hero.
  • I Ask my Swim Coach for an Interview

    I Ask my Swim Coach for an Interview
    During swim practice, I asked Coach Patterson, my swim coach and world history teacher how much she knew about Einstein. Her response was, "I don't know too much, but I do know enough to be interviwed." And because I knew Einstein had not only affected science history, but the history of the world, and I knew she would be able to talk about what he did.
  • My Timeline is Made

    I have completed my timeline that explains the many steps it took me to think of a hero, and what I did once I picked my hero. It was an interesting way to see what I have accomplished.
  • Inspiration

    So after watching Kristi's interview, I realized that my view of a hero had drastically changed. A hero wasn't brave, and outgoing. Just someone that does more then anyone else to help someone else.