Helen Keller's life

  • Birth

    Helen was born on June, 27th, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama
  • Going blind and deaf

    She goes permanently blind and deaf due to an unknown sickness at around 2 years old. (19 months old) It’s today assumed that it was a form of scarlet fever, rubella, meningitis, etc.
  • Paired with Anne Sullivan

    Paired with Anne Sullivan
    Anne Sullivan, a visually impaired graduate of Perkins, comes to Tuscumbia and begins teaching Helen. She taught Helen her first word, which was water, and gave her the determination to learn many more.
  • Attending college

    Attending college
    To prepare for college, Helen attended the Cambridge School for Young Ladies to later graduate from Radcliffe, being the first deafblind person to do so.
  • Releasing her works

    Releasing her works
    Helen released her first book, "The story of my life" , to the public, giving many people inspiration. She released many more of her works after this, she wrote over 475 works in speeches, essays, and in books.
  • Her advocacy

    Braille became the U.S writing system for the blind, with Helen Keller’s advocacy being part of the reason why. She went on to advocate for women’s suffrage, which she was alive to see, and also world peace, worker’s rights (socialism), etc.
  • Death

    After going on many trips around the world to see her supporters and other disabled people and encouraging them, she died of natural causes at 87 years old.