Hayley williams life and career

  • hayley born

    hayley born
    born on December 27, 1988, in Meridian, Mississippi United States.
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  • start career

    start career
    in 2003 began a singing career beginning in the evangelical church in his hometown in Mississippi
  • start paramore

    start paramore
    In 2004 she formed the band Paramore with Josh Farro, Zac Farro and Jeremy Davis.
  • first record

    first record
    All we know is falling. was released on July 26, 2005 in the United States, under the independent label Fueled by Ramen.
  • All We Know Is Falling

    All We Know Is Falling
    Paramore traveled back to Orlando, Florida, but shortly after arriving, Jeremy Davis left the band, citing personal reasons. The remaining four members of Paramore continued with the album, writing "All We Know" about his departure, and later deciding to base All We Know Is Falling around the concept. The album artwork also reflected Paramore's grief as Hayley Williams explains, "The couch on the cover of All We Know is Falling with no one there and the shadow walking away; it's all about Jeremy
  • The Summer Tic EP

    The Summer Tic EP
    EP is an American band Paramore, launched in June 2006 and sold on the Warped Tour that year. EP name comes from the song "Stuck on You", a cover of Failure.
  • Live in the UK 2008

    Live in the UK 2008
    is a live album from American rock band Paramore, recorded in the UK in 2007 during the tour of that country. The album is limited edition with only a small number of copies sold (1000 total), which includes 3 presentations in the cities of Manchester, Brixton and Birmingham.
  • Nominations

    in the 2007 Kerrang! Readers' Poll she finished second to Evanescence's Amy Lee in the "Sexiest Female" category, going on to win the first place spot for "Sexiest Female" a year later in the 2008 poll, and again in the 2009 poll.
  • Riot!

    riot! was released in the United States on June 12, 2007, following the debut single "Misery Business" on the radio. studio album entered the charts in U.S. Billboard 200 albums, peaking at 20 in late 2007. Riot! sold 42,000 albums in the United States in its first week and three months later, the album reached its peak at number 15 on the Billboard 200.
  • The Final Riot!

    The Final Riot!
    This consists of a compilation of the themes of the tour includes 15 tracks and an exclusive documentary called "40 Days Of Riot!" by director Brandon Chesbro. In the documentary you can see everything they did during their tour, including that you can see who made the long trip in a bus. In the album you can see Hayley, Zac, Josh and Jeremy each playing their respective instruments.
  • Brand new eyes and touring

    Brand new eyes and touring
    In January 2009, Josh Farro spoke about the band's upcoming third studio album. Talking to Kerrang!, Farro said: "We're gonna try to it in Nashville. I think writing the album there will inspire us, and then if we record there too it'll be a lot easier since we can sleep in our beds at night rather than in hotels like the other 300 days out of the year! We're not sure who's going to produce the record yet. We did "Decode" with Rob Cavallo.
  • 2010 Summer Tour EP

    2010 Summer Tour EP
    was sold during 2010 Honda Civic Tour and the tour supporting his last album, Brand New Eyes. paramore was opening act for Tegan and Sara, New Found Glory and Kadawatha. In the EP are songs from Paramore, and My Heart Ignorance, both recorded live at Wembley Arena on December 18, 2009.
  • The Only Exception

    The Only Exception
    is the third EP by American band Paramore. It was released exclusively for the iTunes store September 28, 2010.
  • Playing God

    Playing God
    is the fifth single from Paramore from the album Brand New Eyes was released on October 25, 2010 (UK only), being certified by Fueled by Ramen, Paramore official record.