Hatchet timeline - Harper

Timeline created by 98iharper
  • Brians ankle broke.

    When Brian was nine years old he broke his ankle by getting in a bike accident.
  • Divorce

    Brians mom and dad got in a divorce, because Brians mom cheating on his dad.
  • Heart Attack

    The pilot had a heart attack during the plane being flied to Canada.
  • Plane Crash

    The cessna 406 crashed in a lake in the Canadian wilderness.
  • Brian waking up

    Brian waking up after the plane crash and barely staying awake.
  • Brian Gets SIck

    Brain eats to many berries and gets sick and throws up and poops every where.
  • Brian makes fire!

    Brian uses his Hatchet to make fire by hitting it off a rock to create sparks to get fire.
  • Shelter

    Brians makes shelter by remembering him and Terry making a lean-to.
  • Plane Failes to Rescue

    Brian hears a plane and thinks he will be rescued but he doesn't the plane turns around and flies away..
  • Brian Finds eggs

    A turtle goes up on shore, and lays eggs. Brian goes and drinks/eats them.
  • Brian Wants to Die

    Brian keeps cutting himself but then gets his head straight and stops, because he realizes it's not worth it.
  • Brian Created a Bow

    Brian created something that is very usefull for fishing, and that will help him get food.
  • Brian gets better food

    Brian uses his Bow and Arrow to get fish because he couldn't using his spear.