Hatchet Timeline - Erdody

  • The Secret

    The Secret
    When Brian found out about the secret.
  • His Dad moved.

    His Dad moved.
    His mom divorced, and his dad moved to Canada.
  • The Crash

    The Crash
    When the polit of the Cessna 406 had a heart attack, Brian was left to fly the plane. After a few hours, the plane ran out of gas. Brian had to land the plane. He crashed it into a L shaped lake.
  • Mosquito Attack

    Mosquito Attack
    After Brian wakes up, he realizes that he is being attacked by thousands of mosquitos.
  • Brian builds the lean-to

    Brian builds the lean-to
    Brian realizes he should make shelter, and get food. He finds the perfect place to build a lean-to, and builds one
  • Brian finds gut-cherries.

    Brian finds gut-cherries.
  • Brian finds raspberries

    Brian finds raspberries
    After getting sick, Brian decides to find a different source of food. A little farther than the gut cherry bushes, he finds raspberries.
  • The Bear

    The Bear
    While picking and eating the raspberries, Brian meets a bear. It doesn't bother him.
  • The Porcupine

    The Porcupine
    One night, Brian gets attacked by a porcupine. It eats most of Brian's raspberries, and sticks him with it's quils.
  • The Fire

    The Fire
    After throwing the hatchet at the porcupine, Brian realizes his hatchet can cause sparks, and sparks means fire. It takes him a while, but he gets a fire started.
  • Turtle eggs

    Turtle eggs
    Brian hears a turtle in the middle of the night, then finds it's eggs in the morning.
  • The Missed Plane

    The Missed Plane
    Brian hears plane, but it doesn't stop for him.
  • Moose attack

  • Tornado hits

  • The Cutting

    Brian almost gives up on life. He tries to cut himself.
  • Gets survival bag

  • Rescue plane comes

  • The First Feast

    Brian catches fish, and eats a lot of them.
  • The Foolbird

    Brian hunts his first foolbird