Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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    Summer vacation

    Harry is home during the summer vacation with his uncle, aunt and cousin. A house elf called Dobby, came to warn Harry not to return to Hogwarts the school he goes to.
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    Ron saves Harry

    His friend Ron took his parents flying car, to get Harry away from his Family. They return to Ron's house.
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    Book shopping

    Harry and his friends bought books for the new school year. They meet one of their new teachers.
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    Back to school

    Harry and Ron can not get to the platform where their train leaves from. They decide to take the flying car, to try to catch the train.
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    The chamber has opened

    The caretaker's cat has been petrified. The teachers are questioning if the school is safe for the students.
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    The heir of Slytherin

    After the chamber had opened, rumors had it that the heir of Slytherin had returned. Only the heir could open the chamber and let the horrible creature inside out.
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    Polyjuice potion

    Ron, Hermine, and Harry drank a potion. This made them appear to be someone else. They spoke to Malfoy after turning into his friends. They got the information Malfoy knew about the Chamber.
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    Tom Riddel's diary

    Harry found a diary. When he wrote in it, the book's owner Tom Riddel answered back. He showed him flashbacks when the last time the chamber was opened.
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    Ron and Harry walked into the forbidden forest, where they met the giant spider Aragog. The spiders began to attack, so they had to escape from the spiders.
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    Hermine had been petrified too, yet, she managed to leave a note. The note explained that the monster in the chamber was a basilisk.
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    Ginny Weasley is Ron's little sister. She was the first one to be taken into the chamber.
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    Going into the chamber

    Harry, Ron and the teacher Gilderoy Lockheart is going into the chamber together. They found out that the chamber entrance was in the girls bathroom.
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    The professor was a fraud.

    Gilderoy had written several books about how talented he was. This is the reason he was chosen to go down into the chamber. He does not want to go, and Harry and Ron understood that he was a fraud.
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    Tom Riddle in person

    Harry meets Tom Riddle. He asked for his help to stop the basilisk. Tom explained that it is helping him to be stronger and that his real name now is Lord Voldemort.
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    Dumbledore sends help

    Dumbledore sends his Fenix. It brought the sorting hat that gave Harry the sword he needed. He killed the basilisk with the sword.
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    The end of the diary

    Harry uses one of the teeth from the basilisk to destroy the diary. This makes Tom Riddle disappear.
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    Every student was gathered in the great hall. All the ones that had been petrified would return.