Hanging Fire

  • Exposition

    Melissa is a detective. She has one case that she got called for so she went in and saw the case. She saw this burned hanged man. Later on she went on this date with a a heartthob of the office.
  • Conflict

  • Interlude

    A lot of people are getting murder now a days. The murderer is Hop Frog.
  • Climax

    Robert is now in love with Melissa. They came home to Hop Frog killing and hanging people. Melissa kills Treppetta.
  • Falling Action

    Melissa arrested Robert. Hop Frog makes his ascaped and Melissa is sad because he got away.
  • Resolution

    Robert is finally thrown in prison and Hop Frog is still on the run. Hop Frog is still trying to get Melissa back.