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  • Spiral Grooves in the Barrel

    Spiral Grooves in the Barrel
    Gunsmiths found that by putting spiral grooves inside the barrel, it made the bullet spin therfor improoving accuracy.
  • CIvil War Revolver

    CIvil War Revolver
    During the Civil War they had to make a stronger handgun so they made a revolver but they used a shotgun barrel.
  • Colt Army Black Powder Revolver

    Colt Army Black Powder Revolver
    The Colt army black powder revolver was the first revolver ever created and it was had a brass frame.
  • First Centerfire Cartridge

    First Centerfire Cartridge
    Colonel Henry Berdan and Marcellus Hartley designed the first centerfire cartidge. That is where the hammer hits the middle of the end of the bullet and it shoots the bullet.
  • Self-Cocking Revoler

    Self-Cocking Revoler
    The first self-cocking revolver was created and it had a five shots.
  • Self-Locked Revolver

    Self-Locked Revolver
    First Colt revolver where cylinder revolved and locked by cocking the hammer. Also using percussion-ignition system.
  • Double-Action Revolver

    Double-Action Revolver
    The first double-action revolver was created and named "The Colt Lightning".
  • Colt 1911

    Colt 1911
    The Colt 1911 was created and became the standard issue military sidearm.
  • Beretta 9mm

    Beretta 9mm
    They created the Beretta 9mm and it became the standard issue weapon for the Italian Army.