Han Jeong -Events of the American Revolution

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  • Spark- Lexington and Concord

    Spark- Lexington and Concord
    Battle at Lexington and Concord
    The Battle at Lexington and Concord was the first battle that sparked the Rvolution. When British troops went to capture the colonist leaders Sam Adams and John Hancook, the Minutemen were ready to defend them.The Minutemen won victoriously because of the element of surprise.The colonists were encouraged. #shotheardaroundtheworld
  • First - Bunker Hill

    First - Bunker Hill
    Bunker Hill
    A group of American troops were supposed to go to Buker Hill to fire at the British. But the person who lead them accidently thought it was Breed's Hill. So they went to the wrong location putting them closer to the British. The British went up the hill 3 times with troops. The first two times, the British retreated with major casualties but the third time, the overtook the American troops with many casualties.
  • Turning Point - Saratoga

    Turning Point - Saratoga
    Battle of SaratogaThe Battle of Saratoga is the turning point because the British and the Hessians troops that fought surrendered their weapons. Additionaly General John Burgoyne lost 86% of his troops.
    When France also started to fight in the war with the British, it became a "global" war. Because of this, Spain decided to also fight along. #chancehopewin
  • Government- Articles of Confederation

    Government- Articles of Confederation
    Articles of ConfederationThe Articles of Confederation was the first constituion for the United States, but replaced today by the United States Constitution, the current constitution. The Continental Congress wrote it on Novenber 15, 1775 and wsa signed on March 1, 1781. Representatives from each of the 13 colonies came and signed it. It was formally called the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union but later changed its name.#strongergov
  • Low Point -Valley Forge

    Low Point -Valley Forge
    Valley ForgeValley Forge is where a military camp in Pennslyvania is. During this time, Washington's soldiers were in bad shape physicaly.Only a third of them had shoes and those who didn't have any shoes left bloody footprints in the snow while marching. Because they were so in need, they would steal the fallen soldiers stuff. Women and girls helped the army by sewing, encouraging, and by treating the sick.This was the low point because the army wasn't ready to fight and it was hard times.#coldbitterwinter
  • Last -Yorktown

    Last -Yorktown
    Battle of YorktownThe seize of Yorktown was the last battle of the American Revoltionary war. Washington was smart and made a plan not to tell anyone what he was going to do. It later payed off when the Contenintal Army won the battle with less than a hundred casualties. When general Cornwallis surrendered, he and his army was captured which forced the British to negotiate the end of the war. #tasteofsweetvictory
  • Resolution- Treaty of Paris 1783

    Resolution- Treaty of Paris 1783
    Treaty of Paris 1783The treaty of Paris ended the American revolution between Great Britain and the United States of America. The treaty stated that now the United States of America are independent. It also talked about boudries of the land and it distinguished what belonged to who. Benjamin Franklin, Henery Laurens, John Adams, and John Jay represented the states and signed it in Paris at a hotel. British representatives were David Hartley and Richard Oswald.
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    Valley Forge