H.A Timeline

  • A,H goes to Army

    So in 29 Oct1914 Adolft Hitler join the army
  • Belgium

    In November he is in the army hospital for recovery of his injuries of the attack from the other country
  • Munich 1919

    In 1919 in Munich, Hitler he come back to the army and become an informan
  • 16 October 1919

    He join to a group and become an informan and he tells to a group about the world, rights and others.
  • December 1920

    Hitler have more speech in the beer hall and tells to everyone about jews, germany, rights, freedom then he become famous and the people supports his ideas after that Hitler have his logo/symbols, group,posters and others
  • 29 July 1921 and 26 september

    Hitler become a leader of several events and on 26 september he got orderred to cancel speeches from Van Kahr.
  • 1923

    in 1923 He speech in a bigger place like circus krone and he make and tells about his plans about jews and attacks then after that army of hitler want to make a revolution of new german